Hello World

Hi everyone,

As programmer of Overtime Studios, nothing like start as “Hello World”. This is our born. The beginning of all. Here, starts out journey to success and famous. We’ll get there.

But, exactly, who are we?

Let’s get started.

José João de Oliveira Júnior (Jay) – Programmer. A formed Game Designer by Anhembi Morumbi. Programmer as well. Flash and Unity 3D programmer (Actionscript 3.0 and C#). By now, I’m only working with Flash (blah!). It’s not the most awesome software to develop but… You know, we must start from low.

Fabio Costalonga – Artist 2D and Marketing guy. A formed publicist that also know how to draw (very well by the way). Beginning in Flash platform and awesome on character design. A friend that every person has to have. Always with smile and jokes.

Stiven Valério – 2D Animator. This guy knows what he’s doing. Designer since 3 years-old (okay, just kidding), his drawings is like a keyframe of a complex animation. You keep looking for the next frame. Every art can be named as art. He’s like God on Earth (oh-oh, I just got to far here).

Nice to meet you all.

We have just create the most awesome company that makes the most awesome games by the most awesome people. Just like that. Keep that in mind. 😉